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Writer's Block: Gender Bender

Do you ever want to be of the opposite sex? If so, what attracts you to the idea? If not, what repels you?

Naturally. I would probably spend the first month in my room just checking myself out and playing with my new equipment. I know I would probably fall in love with myself at least for a while...of course, I still would be attracted to guys, so I can use my new sexy male body to attract other sexy men and together we could have lots of fun. And maybe that could go on forever.
That may sound like a crazy fantasy, but dammit, it's MY crazy fantasy!! (and will continue to be until I die) lol

Fantasy Books

I love books, especially fantasy books. Fantasy=awesome happiness
One of my favorite books, THE MERRO TREE, by Katie Waitman is out of print, making it difficult to get it. But not impossible. Of course, it would be better if it was IN print...argh.
And the thing is, it says she already has the sequel finished - THE ROOTS OF FORGIVENESS. OMg. I am like dying to read that book. Literally. OMG.

The only thing that makes me happy I cannot read it (not enough, cause the overwhelming 95% still is still obsessed with it) is the fear that it might ruin the first one. The first book was so great and awesome, and I read it multiple times. I simply love it. The whole story, the characters, the setting, the plot, the interactions - just the whole thing to me is perfect. Naturally, my favorite characters are Mikk, Huud Maroc and Thissizz, but I really like Maya too. I think the trio balance worked so well that it left nothing to be desired. That will probably change in the second book with Master Huud gone (I miss him so!!) If Katie Waitman's writing did not change dramatically since her first book, I know I would enjoy the sequel immensely.

I do admit that I enjoy reading about male characters for the most part. Nothing against female characters, but I just don't feel the same emotional connection and the same intense interest when the lead is female or plays a very important character. Which is why giving the protagonist a male love interest as well works even better cause it makes me even more attentive and makes me care about the relationship more. 1/5 I find female characters I enjoy as well.
While the majority of reviewers on Amazon say they enjoyed the book very much, a few of them feel confused about the themes it explores. Such as homosexuality. The thing about the relationship between Mikk and Thissizz is not that they are both males, but that they are different species. That is the issue, as plainly explained in the story, where having a lover of your same sex is perfectly natural. Jeez...people are so stupid sometimes. Just proves that some should be prevented from breeding. seriously

I think that one of the reason why I love the book so much (besides Mikk's bond/love interest which makes it even better, awesomely so) is Mikk's development. It's kinda like Harry Potter. Boy is unloved and forced to live with a family that sees his existance as a determent to their own happiness; he is nothing special, his outlook on life is bleak. But something great happens and the boy learns that he is meant for more, a shining ray of light is bestowed on him and, gaining new friends and guidance, he is able to evolve into something wonderful that many admire and battle the forces of evil with all his posse behind him. Tortured soul learns to trust and love again, becoming great in the process.
Marry in travel to other planets in the galaxy, different species, Mikk's performance master, hidden secrets, Thissizz and angst and you have perfect book. And I simply love the metaphor of the merro tree. Very appropriate.

It's true that it's a little more fantasy than science fiction, but perhaps that's what so great about it. And man, what I wouldn't give to read the sequel. OMG. So I am waiting, and will continue to wait with my fingers crossed for her to get ROOTS OF FORGIVENESS published. Or maybe turned into an e-book. Come on, please??????? %_%
Publishers said it the first did not make enough money. BAH!! So what??? Perseverance!! I really, really, really hope I someday get to read the sequel...or if I am very lucky the third installment. Ah god. %_%

But all is not lost - for soon Lynn Flewelling's fourth book in the NIGHTRUNNER series will be out soon. Yesssssssssssss!


Man, I really wish I had a PSP. Not cause it's popular or cause it's cool, but cause I just want to play one game - Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core.
Oh man. That game looks so freaking cool. Plus, I love Zack and they never allowed him to be a playable character until now. Not only that, but he's the main character in this game! YOWZA!!!
Most people describe him as being identical to Cloud, but with black hair. Well, that is a close description. However, he is older looking and his muscles are more developed. Mmmmmm. His body is very hot. I saw some game scenes on Youtube, and they are so awesome. I love the one where Angeal, Zack and Sephiroth battle. It's like almost orgasmic. All they need to do is...yeah. COUGH.
The last scene with Zack dying and passing his sword and legacy to Cloud is extremely emotional. Not to mention when Zack extends his hands to Angeal and says he wants to have white feathers like him. Awwwwwww! poor Zack!! *sadness moment* :'(

I never really played the original FFVII, but I own Advent Children, and from the first time I saw that flashback scene with Aerith turning and Zack waving good bye..ahhhhhhhhhh man. I was almost in tears(emotion tears, which are not real physical tears- just the way I describe something when I feel very moved). Naturally, I could care less about Arieth. I don't really care that she died, but I believe that she should frikken stay dead and stop mentally harassing Cloud. Just go do what you are good at and pick flowers in some field or clean houses or whatever.
But Zack's figure just standing there propped up against that wall, almost nonchalant looking and then waving dreamlike to Cloud with that serene face made that such a bittersweet scene for me. Kinda funny since I didn't even know who Zack was at the time LOL! Still, I knew they must have shared something in the past. (luuuuuuuuuurve perhaphs??? haha)
But seriously, I really think that Cloud and Zack shared a more intimate relationship than anything that could have gone between them and any other girl characters in FF. So what if they haven't had the chance to have sex? Their love was more important than that ...yeah...I will keep telling myself that so I won't get pissed that they keep pairing awesome characters with retarded skanks.
It's not that I hate women characters. I don't. And it's not that I am prejudice against hetero realtionships in fiction (most of the time). But I do expect them to be somewhat original and not just forced upon the story, just cause the characters need to pair up. And I do expect that the relationship is justified, and has grounds upon which it can evolve to add a second layer to the story that makes it more exciting. That is not the case in 95% of the stuff I see nowdays. It's really sad and in two ways. Sad because there is such a shortage of creativity and willingness to create and bring something different into existance that could inspire others; and secondly, it is sad because so many people settle for what is out there and don't demand something different or to be challanged in any way.

Random example - Lupin and TOnks.
Can you say WTF???????? I can. WTF, bitach???? Seriously. It is sooooooooooooo random, so out there, so unjustified, that I felt like even if I bashed my head into a wall and took some drugs I could not come up with a reasonable explanation. Oh wait...JK needed to give her readers something in order to feel less bad about the death of Lupin - the son, Teddy. Ok, yeah. But still, WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF????
Aha, let's look at this. Harry and his buddies go to the hall of prophecies, they are attacked by death eaters, Sirius dies, everyone gets depressed including Harry and Lupin, but ya now, actually Lupin is only depressed cause he discovered he likes klutzy Tonks and wants to marry her, but he cannot cause he is a scrawny, hairless chiwawa-werewolf, as portayed in the third movie. OK! WOW!! That makes a lot of sense. I say it again, and probably will continue to say it...W.T.F???


I really should be getting to sleep, since I have to wake up at 6, but dammit I am still up. What am I doing up? No idea.
I hate to sound like a typical coworker, but I need to lose weight. I need to work out, but I am sooooooooooo frikken lazy. And I have incredibly bad posture LOL.

On another note, I really want to attend Yaoicon 2008 cause I have never been to one, and it sounds like lots of fun. It would be a good opportunity to finally get some titles that are hard to find. I would waste so much money though...I can just imagine. Oh god...like $200 in a gulp. Oh jeez.
And I would probably feel weird going cause I don't know anyone. Too bad that almost none of my friends are obsessed with sexy porn like me hehehehe

I don't know what to do with myself! I need something to do!! I wish I had a new computer to make retarded voice recordings or something


what am I so happy about??

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Things that piss me off

God, people piss me off so much.

Recently I watched loveless on youtube and of course, now I am so obsessed with it, it's not even funny. I'm gonna buy the DVD's cause I wanna have them (pretty animation, nice music, smexy characters etc)...but the people that go on youtube are such freaking retards that I cannot even begin to understand it...

A majority of the comments are "oh well, this is gross, it's yaoi". Ignorant people like that make me want to punch them in the face. First of all, please, please at least know what yaoi means before you call something that. There is no way Loveless could be yaoi cause all you have to do is FREAKING watch the damn thing and you can tell...a kiss between boys does not consist yaoi people...

Second of all...wtf? People who upload always specify "shonen ai people!" *flashing sign* possible loving male-male relationships here, bitch!
But no...and who the fuck are all these people who click and watch the whole thing, and then have the cheek to complain like a fucktard? Well, from what I have seen 2 major categories:

1) the annoying typical female who is very girly and goes "ewwwwie!!!" when a hot bishonen dares to pursue another hot bishonen instead of a high-pitched-voice-broken-record typical lead girl (who obviously so reminds the typical female of herself) (this makes me sick)

***** Please, please if you are like this stick to shows like Inuyasha, FMA, Fruits Basket etc (but if you are a avid anime watcher, you would have known that shoujo anime contains at least minimum amounts of shonen ai, durrrr genius)
#####So just because Loveless has nice, colorful animation, it does not necessarily mean that it is another Inuyasha ok?

2) an otaku guy who hopes to see some shonen anime or oggle big breasted virgin teacher with cat ears (another thing that pisses me off) WTF? seriously, wtf? And then he complains that the homo fantasy ruined it all...

******Please, please if you are like this stick to your hentai ok? Stop trying to be normal and watch an anime with a plot, hoping to still get your fill of hentai, or whatever you are looking for.

It's shameful if nothing else. I mean, if you know so much about anime cause you watch it all the time, how come you don't know these basic things? It's not like I go on stuff that I hate and sit through the whole thing, watch every detail and then complain about how much I hate it. It makes no sense!

And these guys that complain about "Inuyasha buttsex" (XDDDD!!)... I think they just refer to the shonen ai amv's that people make and stuff in general....what are they thinking????
Ok, keep bitching about them when you don't have to look at them and no one is forcing you to... Are they all on their periods? I swear, most of the time they are worse than girls. All they do is bitch, bitch, complain, namecall, bitch, namecall and more bitch and namecall. It's pretty weak that they all bitch and bleed out their man-hole like that....lol

It's not like I complain about the massive amount of sick hetero porn available. Cause it is sick, I tell you. The women are bleached heads and silicon bags (or whatever the equivalent is in other cultures). The men look no better than an overweight donkey with cholera. Actually that is wrong. Donkeys with cholera are cute.\
They look more like an overstuffed pipe with nasty hair and butter sperouting out and a sack of shit-filled egg-ball shitwads. I think that is acurate...
Damn I haven't slept in like 2 days *yawn*

In conclusion: I love Loveless. I need help, I am obsessed.